Example Scripts

Downloadable example scripts to render images and movies.

Example Blend Files & Figures

Downloadable .blend files and possibly useful figures. Blend files give useful layouts, while the downloadable figures might be things you can use as backgrounds.

Getting to Know Blender

For scientists unfamiliar with Blender, this tutorial should get you up to speed on what you need to know to manuver around.

Render an Image

Learn how to make a simple rendered image.

Simple SPH Movie

Use SPH from a text file to render a simple movie.

yt in AstroBlend: Rendering AMR Surfaces

Learn how to use yt to read AMR simulation data and create and render surfaces directly in Blender.

yt in AstroBlend: Rendering SPH Data

Learn how to use yt to read SPH simulation data and create and render 3D scatter plots.

Include Simple 3D Models

Describes different simple pre-fab 3D models you can use in your movies. Here, we will discuss adding spheres, arrows, text, and figures in your render.

Simple Movies

Learn about the different types of camera motions available in AstroBlend. See how to render movies with both time evolving models and static ones with the same command.