Some of these scripts have been tested more than others. See description of each for more info.

File NameSizeDescriptionLink
usual.blend 456K My favorite layout. Has 3D viewer, Image viewer, python console, and text editor. download
usual_withscript.blend 460K My favorite layout with an example script in the text editor. Has 3D viewer, Image viewer, python console, and text editor. Run script with the "run script" button at the bottom of the text editor. download
galaxy2_mod.blend 4.3M Modifed version of the Andromeda galaxy model found here. The background stars have been taken out as they messed with the render at large distances. download

These are random astronomy type figures.

Fornax_dwarf_galaxy_mod.jpg 6.9M Optical image of Fornax galaxy from ESO/Digitized Sky Survey 2. download

Files that are either spherical maps to begin with or that I've used to make spherical background maps with.

galaxydisk.png 5.9M Map of the MW disk. download
largeGalField.jpg 4.5M Background stars and a few galaxies. download
largeGalaxies.jpg 128K Background galaxies. I think this is from the Hubble Deep Field but I'm not sure. download
milky-way-hydrogen-alpha.jpg 124K Milky Way disk in H-alpha. download
outsidetheMW.jpg 140K Another MW disk image. download
starfield.png 1.6M This one is actually a spherical map of background stars. download