Brian Kent's Blender Tutorials

Dr. Kent has some excellent videos and tutorials on using Blender to visualize astrophysical data.

Rhys Taylor's Fits Reader

Dr. Taylor has a script which imports 3D fits files into Blender. He uses them to take HI observations and create 3D maps of galactic structure.

Miguel Angel Aragon-Calvo's Blender and OpenGL Visualizations

Dr. Aragon-Calvo has some really cool movies of his work with Blender and OpenGL. In addition to this website, check out more of his videos at his other website. I have yet to find tutorials or code, but we can hope that he'll be posting some of them soon!

Blender Artists

A forum for Blender artists. There is a whole coding section if you get stuck on the python parts.

Blender Support

Check out their online tutorials for beginners to get a feel of how artists use Blender.