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If the Movies don't Work for you:

Sometimes the movies don't play. I'm not sure quite why yet. Here is an ordered list of the movies and the slides on which they appear:

slide 9 - Interaction with surfaces in MeshLab

slide 10 - Interaction with surfaces in via the web interface of Sketchfab

slide 24 - Gadget Galaxies Colliding

slide 26 (top) - Example of Rotate+Zoom Camera motions

slide 26 (bottom) - Example of Bezier Camera motions

slide 30 - Bezier Camera motions with an evolving simulation

slide 31 - Realtime rendering of an interactive Tipsy galaxy

slide 32 - First crack at streamlines

slide 39 - Some of Miguel Aragon-Calvo's Blender renders

slide 40 - A first test of AstroBlend's capabilities - 3D models, and data of a variety of formats

Isodensity surfaces + 3D models

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