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Computational Astrophysics

Among MANY other codes, here are some of the bigger open source ones:

  • FLASH - grid-based hydrodynamic (open source, but you have to apply to use it, some restrictions)
  • Gadget-2 - particle-based hydrodynamics
  • GIZMO - particle-based hydrodynamics with some fancy stuff
  • Astrophysical Visualization


  • Astroblend - shameless self promotion! This is my project, also there is an associated paper is available as well.
  • yt - a tool for analysis and visualization
  • Glue - developed by Alyssa Goodman and her group, useful for interacting with data in 3D
  • Dr. Brian Kent has some great Blender tutorials and how-to's and you can also buy his book on Amazon.
  • Dr. Rhys Taylor also does a lot of work in Blender including a volume rendering package.
  • Dr. Miguel Angel Aragon Calvo also also does a lot of work in Blender including some interactive stuff with Kinects.
  • I also work a bit with the NCSA Advanced Visualization Lab in Illinois who do a lot of planetarium and IMAX movies.
  • List of Cardboard VR setups on Amazon, ranging in price from about $5-$20.
  • Bioblender is how some biologists are using Blender to visualize biology data.
  • x3d can be used to make 3D interactive plots in your papers.
  • Papers

  • AstroBlend paper - my paper on a library to visualize stuff with Blender
  • Dr. Brian Kent's paper on visualizing astronomy concepts and data with Blender
  • Dr. Rhys Taylor's paper on volume rendering astronomy data with Blender
  • There are several papers on Bioblender including this one and this one